Kauai Air Tour Reviews

Awesome views of Kauai's Napali Coast and Waimea Canyon! The flight around the entire island of Kauai was awesome. I've taken a helicopter tour of Hawaii before, and this tour gives you more of a birds-eye view. You can see the helicopters flying below you. The views of the Napali Coast and Waimea Canyon were spectacular. Keith, our pilot, made sure to fly the plane in both directions so both sides got a good view. I highly recommend this tour.
Richard T
Amazing experience! I loved this ride with Cayden! I got to see all of Kauai in an hour and got to know more about Kauai's history and little secrets. The whole team was so welcoming and gave very clear instructions! I recommend this 100%!
Maya A
Had a great time flying with Air Ventures Hawaii Nov 12. The staff and pilot were great, the pilot even rearranged the seating configuration to arrange for the “Birthday Girl” to sit in the Co-pilot seat, making for a memorable experience! They truly do allow you to see all the island, explaining everything you see with great local knowledge. If you’re looking for an opportunity to all of what the beautiful island of Kauai has to offer, Air Ventures Hawaii is a great way to do it, I highly recommend it! Mahalo Air Ventures!
Steve Allen
Best Safety, Value, Professionalism, and Service! Air Ventures Hawaii provided absolutely the highest levels of safety, friendliness, professionalism, reliability, and great communication. We had a blast and it was one of the highlights of our visit to Kauai. From booking/reserving, payment, website, and communication everything was simple and direct. We were able to see the entire island, and Nate took care to operate the airplane with smoothness and an aim to provide views to all passengers. The views that Air Ventures Hawaii provides are as good or perhaps much better than a helicopter tour at a great value for a family...Cheers!
Chris B
Great experience! Our pilot was knowledgeable and friendly and very experienced. He made sure that wherever you sat, you got a good pic and view. Especially the Na Pali Coast!
Krista S.
This experience was absolutely amazing!! The team was so great and friendly! The pilot, Caden, was so caring about how everyone was feeling the whole time and few the plane smoothly and to all the beautiful spots! We are so lucky to have flown with AirVentures and would highly recommend!
Kimberly Kempa
Fun, fun, fun. About half the price per person of a helicopter ride. Our pilot Nate was a kick and the owners were great!! 95% of Kauai is uninhabited, so this is a way to see it. From the waterfall of Jurassic park and many others, to the canyons. I highly recommend this tour~
Jeff Vercelli
So rad. It was super awesome! Like absolutely breathtaking. Highly recommend because it’s a very unique way to experience the Island. It felt totally safe. And our captain was wonderful at making us feel comfortable. He was born and raised on the Island and knew it all! Thank you!!
My wife and I took a one hour private plane tour of Kauai. The pilot was excellent and the views were fantastic. We would highly recommend this adventure for future travelers.
Makana was wonderful. He took us early since we were early for our flight. Spent a hour showing us all the beautiful sites around Kaua'i. Very informative and funny throughout the flight. Made sure everyone was able to the sites no matter what side of the plane you were on.
I can’t say enough great things about the tour and the people that run this business. They’re at the pinnacle of customer service. They’ve really got a great way of making people feel like they’re part of their family. Nate was our pilot and he was amazing. This is the best way to learn the island. This is a “must book” adventure. Wear dark clothing to reduce the glare in the pictures. Even darker colored leg wear can help.
Kevin Russell
It's worth every penny. Just book it now! This is an amazing tour and an excellent cost-effective alternative to a helicopter. We enjoy scenic flights and have been on many fixed wing and helicopter flights around the world. We book one on just about every holiday but this one was definitely one of our favorites. The scenery was just spectacular. Justin was a fabulous pilot who was incredibly knowledgeable about the area. He was very kind to our 16-year-old daughter who is attending an aviation high school. She got to sit in as "co-pilot" and he spent some time explaining some of the "technical information" as he was flying. Kauai really needs to be seen from the air to be appreciated and if you can afford only one scenic flight this would be a great choice. The views and service are both world class. Thank you for a wonderful experience. This was a highlight for us on our three week Hawaiian holiday!
Belinda E
Beautiful morning flight over Kaua'i, Makana was wonderful. He was very informative and funny throughout the flight. Took his time to show everyone on each side of the aircraft the all sights. He definitely puts the customer service first and made sure we had a great day. Cant wait to do it again soon and hopefully have Makana as out pilot again.
This was well worth it. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about seeing Kauai by air. Ride was smooth and our pilot Cayden was great. He was a good tour guide and explained everything very well. The flight has some spectacular views. You can attach a GoPro or they will rent you one. Be sure to bring your own micro SD card as they don't have any in stock. Price was very reasonable and well below other companies who offer air rides in Kauai. Bonus was to see a full rainbow from the air!
Nilesh S
Beautiful tour of the island! Thank you for an amazing way to see the island of Kauai. We got cancelled for our initial day because of low visibility but lucky us we went the next day. The views were amazinggggg!!! The pilot was super nice and gave us an amazing tour. It was a little bumpy but just for a minute. The best part was that we were able to take our 14 months son with us. Any other tours I looked at were not accepting babies on board. I’m so grateful we could all go because we didn’t have a sitter or somebody to watch our son and we really wanted to see the island from up in the air;)
We booked this for our Anniversary. Easy check in. Isaac was our pilot in a small private plane. We got the Go Pro on the wing and it recorded the whole trip and we took pictures and Isaac was awesome by getting us all the right angles and even circling to get the best views. Where a dark shirt to reduce the glare. Phenomenal views and spectacular landscapes and waterfalls. We have seen Kauai by car, kayak, boat and now by air. Beautiful island. The cherry on top of the trip was Isaac’s landing…..10 out of 10, like landing on a pillow top mattress. ????
John M
We really enjoyed our flight! Everyone there was super friendly and helpful. A little bumpy in a few spots but no big deal. Our plane had 6 passenger seats and the view from each was great. No middle seats! At a few of the more scenic spots the pilot circled a couple of times to be sure everyone got a good view. Highly recommend!
Kenneth B
We took a private Cesna 182 Trip around Kauai. I'm an airplane nut, and let the young man know that he could take us in some spots that the average tourists might not appreciate. And as luck would have it the weather was a little socked in with low visibility. Not only was I confident in our pilot's skill level, but I was impressed with his use of several devices that gave us information on weather and air traffic. Caden was friendly and knowledgable and we enjoyed our experience greatly.
Best way to see the island of Kauai. Such a wonderful time!!! Our pilot was awesome. We saw and learned so much. Smooth ride. Was able to get plenty of pictures. Loved that everyone had a window seat. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!! 5 stars all the way.
Vickie H
Hands down the highlight of our Kauai trip!! What an amazing flight! My wife, daughter and I got to take the 4 seat plane, what a treat! Makana was a great pilot and we enjoyed all his insights. He also did a great job of making sure all of us could see the sights by doing some extra passes. I would highly recommend this tour, definitely the highlight of our trip to Kauai!
Andrew M